Best Instagram challenges of 2021

Instagram is very popular among many people from all around the world. There are a lot of interesting videos and content that you can find on this social media platform. You can also find a lot of Instagram challenges that have already been taking over most of our news feeds with their unique concepts. All Instagram users can follow and take part in any of these challenges. Here are some of the most popular and the best Instagram challenges that you can try right now. You don’t need to do a lot of effort and hard work for following some of these challenges.

a. Don’t Rush Challenge

This type of challenge is very trending everywhere on Instagram. It is mainly dancing with some footsteps. Many people are interested in following this challenge, including celebrities, such as Vicky Kaushal, Hardik Pandya, and any other popular Instagram users. It is all about creativity. You can make your own creative twists on Instagram by using the #dontrushchallenge hashtag. If you love dancing, this challenge can be a perfect option for you.

b. Transition

This is another popular challenge that is followed by many Instagram users today. Transition challenge is pretty famous among many fashion influencers and makeup artists. For doing this challenge, you can move your hand covering your camera. Then, you can show your face for every transition. You can post your video with the #transition hashtag on the Instagram feed. The better your transition is, the more people will be ready to share your content on Instagram. It will be a good way for you who want to grow the popularity of your Instagram profile.

c. Let’s Dance Challenge

If you love dancing, this challenge will be very interesting for you. Many well-known and popular dancers are posting different dance moves on Instagram. You can find many different types of dance styles that are tagged with the #letsdancechallenge. All you have to do is just follow their set of steps. Then, you can post the video on your profile. Whether you are a beginner dancer or a professional dancer, you can try this challenge on Instagram now.

d. Gesture Challenge

This is another popular challenge that can be found on Instagram. This gesture challenge is a small game that can be followed by using various hand signs. The challenger from this challenge will show some gestures in a limited time. You can simply follow their gestures and share your video on your Instagram newsfeed. Everyone can make their own gesture challenge and they can challenge other people with their own hashtags.

e. Workout Challenge

This challenge is recommended for you who want to do some workouts and exercises every day. This challenge will demand minimal workout sets, for example, squats, push up, skipping, sprints, etc. You will be able to execute this challenge easily for getting your healthy body and fit life. There are a lot of professional fitness trainers and some other famous people who are throwing this challenge for their followers. Every week, you will find many different types of workout challenges that are available on Instagram. It will be the best way for you to find some popular workouts to try from your home or your office. 

f. Dalgona Coffee Challenge

Dalgona coffee is a creamy coffee that is made of two-layer of cream and coffee. It is a delicious beverage that can be suitable for everyone’s taste and preferences. It is very easy and interesting to prepare this beverage. Everyone is trying to follow this trend. Many people are posting their dalgona coffee images on their stories by using a hashtag that is called #dalgonacoffeechallenge. You can share your dalgona coffee picture and put your hashtag on the post.

g. Throwback Thursday Challenge

If you would like to get some exciting challenges on Instagram, you can follow this challenge. You can follow the hashtag called #TBT or #Throwbackthursday. This is an interesting challenge for experiencing nostalgia feelings. You can rewind your old memories when you are doing this challenge. As a part of this TBT challenge, you can post the image of yourself in the past. The pics can be taken from your school day or childhood period. It will be an interesting challenge to recollect any of those memories from the old days period.

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