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Monetize your Youtube channel faster by buying hours of Youtube views.

Minimum quantity: 250 hours of Youtube viewing

Max quantity: 4000 hours of Youtube viewing

Minimum video length: 15 min

Please paste the link of the video where you wish to receive Youtube viewing hours


Watch time is a critical aspect of YouTube’s search algorithm. YouTube tends to promote and rank videos that have more accumulated watch time. The longer you can keep viewers watching your content on YouTube, the more visible your content will be to users on the platform.

The number of subscribers is quite important for a YouTube channel. There is a benchmark of 1000 subscribers from which you can monetize your video content. You will get views from real users by only providing your YouTube video links.  The service offers a range of watch times from 16 to 254 hours. There is an option to pick how many watch minutes each session and geo-target. 

You will get a 50-80% retention rate on YouTube videos. It’s a great idea to buy the viewing hours of watch time at the very beginning to quickly activate monetization. However, you should optimize the quality of the video content to keep the viewers entertained and interested. Hence, YouTube will be more likely to rank your videos on the first page of the search.   


  • Real: 100% organic views & subscribers
  • Fast: delivery within 1-2 weeks
  • Guaranteed: 100% Refund
  • 24/7 support: A Team of professionals will guide you
  • Limitless: Choose Any Length  
  • Safe: 100% secure and genuine
  • Affordable: The price that suits your budget

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Buy Youtube Watchtime Viewing Hours – Youtube Monetization
11,90 99,90